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Marchesi di Gresy

sparinaThe winery has been the property of the di Gr├ęsy family since 1650 but it is only since 1973 that the wines are bottled there.
Martinenga is the only monopole in Barbaresco DOCG and is widely considered one of the best vineyards in the area.
Martinenga totals almost 24 hectares, of which nearly 12 are planted with Nebbiolo. In favorable vintages, three different Barbaresco bottlings are produced from this vineyard: Martinenga Barbaresco DOCG, Camp Gros Martinenga Barbaresco DOCG, a 2.58 hectare southwest facing parcel lying directly under Rabaja, and Gaiun Martinenga Barbaresco DOCG, a 2.3 hectare south facing parcel continuing down the hill from Asili.